19 Nov 2018

Import and Export in Chile

The country Chile that comes to mind when it comes to copper metal is Chile. The Chilean country, which hosts the world's most copper-produced mines, also has an economically stable appearance.

In recent years, the financial system in Chile, which has an average of $ 61 billion in exports and $ 56 billion in imports, has developed quite well.

The most imported products in Chile are petroleum products, equipment used in railway transportation, spare parts for rail systems, various mechanical devices used in industry, machinery, electrical materials, electronic materials, plastic based products, clothing products, meat and food products.

The main products exported to Chile are mineral ores, copper products, fresh vegetables, fresh and frozen seafood, wood and wood products and alcoholic soft drinks.

The Taxes or Duties may change according to according to HS Code (customs tariff number) for exporting to Chile.  There is a free trade agreement with many countries in Chile. Therefore, there is no tax or very low tax rates for imports and exports with related countries.<

The most commonly used port in the marine transport is the ports of San Antonio and Arica. The Arica port belongs to the country of Bolivia, although it belongs to the Chilean territory.

The transportation costs to Chile may change according to Container type and origin countries. The average container costs for European countries are 600-2400 USD, the average is 800-3000 USD for Asian countries, and 300-1200 USD for American countries and 600-2400 usd African countries. Thiese prices  average estimates and depens on origin countries and time period.

The local companies in Chile are generally reliable. There are genereally no cash problems in Chilean companies and the credibility of the companies are acceptable. Many bank located in Chile has a line with some Europan and American banks. This provides convenience in the commercial agreements with Letters of Credit.

Many companies in Chile has their own websites to find your target customer or supplier. In addition, there are many exhibition in different sectors in Chile. You can participate in these exhibition as directly or through intermediary agents to your target customer or supplier.

In addition, we can help you find the customer or supplier you are looking for by using the Trade Help Center link on our Yousector site.

YouSector Team